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清明夢 - About Lucid dreams

Q: 你好,請問心像術課中提及促進清醒夢,係透過冥想來產生清醒夢嗎?還是用類似自我暗示的方法?一般練習幾耐先會有清醒夢產生?謝謝 Hi, I wanted to ask about how Heart Imagery is able to "facilitate lucid dreaming". Is it creating lucid dreams through meditation? Or is it through self-suggestion techniques? In general, how long will it take to create lucid dreams? Thanks.

可凡: 謝謝你的問題。在心像術的傳統下,你描述的兩種情況都有。

第一種他們叫 "waking dream", 是由一位大師白天通過冥想帶一個學生「夢遊」。我在清邁時,在Daniel 老師單對單的指導下經歷過。身旁的同學觀察到我的眼睛出現 Rapid Eye movement (快速動眼期), 一個生理上做夢的症狀。這是一個非常進階的練習 (因為有機會遇上其他維度的存有),不會在初階課程教授。

第二種情況,我們一般叫清明夢或 lucid dream ,是晚間在夢中覺醒或覺知自己正在發夢; 甚至改寫夢境。要明白怎樣覺知,就要先明白「夢」是什麼,有幾多類型,「覺醒」又是什麼等等。初階的課堂有 tips 怎樣進入這個境界,同時通過冥想練習在 alpha, theta + delta 腦電波的狀態遊歷,能有助提升睡夢中的意識。 至於 「練習幾耐先會有清醒夢產生」; 你要明白清醒夢不是 「產生」 出來,它只是一個覺知的轉移。就像你身體的重心,一路以來你都是有重心的。你能夠覺知到嗎? 只是一念之差。


Hofan: Under the tradition of Heart Imagery, both of what you described occur.

The first is what we call "waking dream", when a master in daytime, takes a student to "dream travel". I experienced this on a one-to-one basis in Chiang Mai with Master Daniel. The classmate beside me observed that I had REM (Rapid Eye Movement), a physical symptom of people in a dreaming state. This is a very advanced exercise (because it involves the risk of meeting entities from other dimensions) and we will not be doing this in the upcoming course.

The second type, what we refer to as "lucid dreaming" (and what you are mainly referring to), is an awareness of our own dreaming in our night-time sleep; and even the ability to make changes in our dream images. To understand how to develop this awareness, you must first understand what is a dream, how many types of dreams there are, and what it means to be "aware/awake." In Heart Imagery 1 we have some tips how to enter this world; and we will also be practising many meditations where we will be accustomed to traveling around the inner landscape while in alpha, theta and delta brain states. This will facilitate your ability to be aware while dreaming.

As for "how long will it take to create lucid dreams", you have to understand that it is not a matter of "creating" lucid dreams. It is only about a shift in awareness. It's like where your center of gravity is, you already have a center of gravity in your body. Can you feel where it is now? It's only a matter of intention and attention. I hope that I was able to answer your question.

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