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Interview with Ron Young (part 1)


This is a transcript of an interview with Ron Young from 《綠色心靈力量》- EP158 at sourcewadio. He shares about about the healers he's worked with and his experience with healing chronic illness.

Source: Sourcewadio 《綠色心靈力量》- Episode 158

Aired : 11 June, 2018

Hosted by: Dr. Simon Chau, with Hofan Chau

Guest: Ron Young

Transcript of Interview #1 with Ron Young

Simon: Hello Ron, Welcome to Hong Kong. Well, here at Villa Paloma we have Ron. our visitor, and Hofan. Both Hofan and me joined Ron’s class a few months ago. Ron, this is your first visit to Hong Kong. How do you find the audience in Hong Kong as opposed to the audience in the mainland or Taiwan?

Ron: Well the audience that comes to me is seeking to understand themselves spiritually very deeply, and they’re very sincere. And they’re working very deeply to use their hearts in their life and their work.

Simon: And compared to other parts of China?

Ron: Well, normally the people coming to me wherever I am are very serious in seeking their inner self.

Simon: That’s what you found.

Ron: Yes.

Simon: How would you like to be described? Are you a healer, or a teacher, a meditation master… which label do you like?

Ron: One of the teachers used the term ‘brother guide’, so that for me works. And he was, what many people considered… he was born enlightened. But he only called himself ‘brother guide.’ So that works for me.

Simon: So you would like to be seen as a guide.

Ron: Yes, just a guide. I’m there to assist people into their pathway. Everyone has a different pathway. My teachers were very good in that they worked with each one in their development. They didn’t try to make everybody just like them. That’s a good teacher. A bad teacher is ‘you copy me, you do what I do, say what I say.’ And that’s a bad teacher, because no one gets to get their inner voice into the world or the gifts they were born with to give to humanity. And every path way is very different.

Simon: You mentioned teachers. One thing I noticed that you’re different from other masters I’ve met is [that] you followed various teachers in different stages of your life so far.

Ron: Well, they were all, you know, I had different teachers who worked with me for literally thousands of hours, developing me. Some of them worked simultaneously in the same week and months and years, and some of them were overlapping. But I saw it as a movement of one consciousness. You could say that there was one being present through the many. Because they each had different gifts, and different offerings to me to develop me and the different aspects of me. I considered them Masters, a number of them were quite famous in the world. So I prefer the term ‘brother guide’ or ‘guide’ as opposed to ‘Master’. Because I see them in their extreme in the Mastership that they lived and maintained, 24 hours, day and night. Hilda Charlton would take her thumb and put it on your forehead for one second, and you go to the doctor and the cancer is gone. Daskalos who was known as Stylianos Atteshlis, he was in Cyprus. There is a book called The Magus of Strovolos, you can read it in English. He was called Daskolos, which means ‘teacher.’ He would look at you and say, “You have no disease, go!” And you would be yelling at him that you had a disease. And then you would go to the doctor and then find that you had no disease. So that’s a Master level of conscious – beholding the source within you without humanity of disease or illness out of time and space and bringing that reality to every cell. It's beautiful and it opens your mind very deeply.

Simon: You mentioned that you are working as a guide, leading people to a higher level of consciousness in their lives. What do you do to them to achieve this?

Ron: I tell a lot of jokes. (laughs) I’m joking… but I do tell a lot of jokes. The main thing when you’re working with people, the job is to empower people. If you have students, your work is to recognize who they are through their spiritual nature and to hold that as a reality. Not their personality. And then they move right into that. You empower them to take their place in the creative consciousness with authority, to step out of their victim consciousness, out of their emotional collapses and abandonment and guilt and fear and shame. And to learn to work to hold the field, and to bring the creative field, the spiritual field into life and to live that during the day. My teachers would tell you that you have your morning meditation, and you have your evening meditations. But the big meditation is all day long. And so to realise your destiny, literally you're learning to bring the heaven root to the earth and stabilize it. Most spiritual practitioners and most paths cannot stabilize it. They get a lot of highs and lows -- a lots of peaks and valleys in their practice. And this work you're learning to stabilize the field so you’re working to maintain the creative field. So many times, whether I’m working with the seriously ill, or creative people. I worked with many, say for instance in the States, screenplay writers, playwrights, musicians, classical musicians. They all won top awards in their fields using this work. At the same time, [in] education, I’ve trained students to study using this work. And instead of studying seven hours a day they study a half hour up to a maximum an hour and a half. And they have perfect grades. I have people graduate in Europe four years of university – eighty exams in four years, and then in one year, perfect grades. Right now I have a young man in one of the top schools in America, he has perfect grades, he studies a half hour a week. So you know, it’s applicable to everything. But most of all you have to apply it to yourself.

Hofan: Yeah, one of the things I’ve really learned in your workshop is to really see the sacred in the other person. And then to see the sacred in yourself.

Ron: Yeah. That’s right.

Hofan: And I was like, wow!

Ron: Right, but you have the utmost respect. Because what happens for the human being is that we’re always seeing our self in everybody else. And so you never really get to see the person. And in that way there’s no respect. There’s no respect for you as a person, yourself. So you can’t see another human being. You can’t love or see them, you can’t love and respect them. And that’s something that needs to start from your own sense of self and boundary. Again, most spiritual people do not have a sense of boundary. Their immediacy is the other person. They feel how the other person is, they have a solution for the other person immediately, but everything is through their own field, their own experience. Which means they’re not seeing the other person. You have to step back and take a look at the bigger field to know the correct movement.

Hofan: I’m so curious about the bigger field, because we didn’t get to try it in the workshop.

Ron: Right, right. We’ll see today later.

Hofan: Yeah ? Would you like to talk more about your bigger field?

Ron: If you’re doing spiritual healing… in my case for instance I worked with many cancer patients, and for many years I was working maybe twelve, fourteen hours a day with cancer patients. Now I worked with a very well-known oncologist in New York and we’d get sent you know, basically second, third, fourth stage cancer. Many of the clients who came to me had two to three months of expectancy of life. I would say 70-80% of those people are still here, sixteen, eighteen, twenty years later. According to the medicine they’re not supposed to be.

So if you’re working the bigger field in terms of the human being and regenerating healing; you’re not doing energy work. You’re doing spiritual work. Which means you’re stepping out of the time-space continuum, you’re moving into the deeper field of the creative, which from the rational mind is complete chaos. But when you’re in it, everything is in perfect place and perfect sense. And you’re working with that place that has authority in creation to bring that healing and grace, and to allow you to do your part in guiding and holding that vision. The energy healer, which is most healing you are going to see. Which is going to be chi healing, or prana healing, magnetic healing. What they're doing, it's important, all healing is very good.... but what they're using, primarily they’re amplifying the earth's energy field, the earth's electromagnetic and etheric field, like a motor to amplify their field to send this love.

Hofan: And because people can feel it, they feel very good. Wooo!

Ron: Right right. So that’s the primary focus, so we say that’s primary phenomena. You’re going to feel the heat and the warmth and the circulation. But, and you can dissolve tumours. A tumour is mostly water, you can dissolve that out. But the reoccurrence of the cancer, that’s a different thing. Spiritual healing you can feel, it’s very profound when it arrives to you, then the next five years it’s not coming back. Whereas with energetic healing, you often find reoccurrences coming back to you. But spiritual healing you will also have the energetic field, because you are opening both the heaven and the earth root, but you've moved into the creative. And the earth root is there to give you stability, but it’s a secondary phenomenon. The person is going to perceive some heat and energy, but most of the work is done out of that time-space continuum, out of the earth field, it’s in the creative field. And in that aspect of healing, there’s nothing happening. The human being feels nothing happening.So I tell the story often, I was sitting in Cyprus with Daskalos, and a mother from England to the house; we’d just had lunch. She’d just came from England with her four year old boy. And one leg was about three to four inches longer than the other leg due to curved bones. He had a big leather belt, with leather straps all the way down the one leg, and the heel, the heel, let’s see, would be about two to three inches higher than the other shoe. So Daskalos said, “Just bring him over here.” And laid him down across the lap of his mother and himself; and takes his hands and just goes across – touches the leg lightly two or three times. First he shows me the leg, he says, “Look, see the difference.” So I look at the leg. And then he says to the boy, “Now run around.” And so the boy gets up and runs around the living room table. The mother is crying hysterically, I’m like “What happened?” You know, he says to the boy, “Come back here.” The boy lies across the lap of his mother and Daskalos, and he says, “Look. The legs are the same.” He said, “Christ super-consciousness allowed me to materialize into this boy’s leg, millions of new cells into the muscles, the nerves, the cartilage. I was allowed to grow the leg to the same length. But you notice the tibia was curved before, and the tibia is still curved. Because in his last incarnation he was a German general, and he remembers this incarnation right now. And I wasn’t allowed to take the curve out because for him that’s a marker to take the straight path in this incarnation.”And then they leave and two hours later the newspapers came wanting to interview Daskalos about the boy. He would always say, “If you’re present when the miracle happens you’re very fortunate.” Because it’s not dependent on the human being. It’s dependent on the movement of creation and grace. You have to be there that moment of everything coming together and it’s correct. He would often say to people, you know, “Go! You’re healed !” Other people he would say, “I cannot help you. What you are doing you’re doing to yourself with your mind. Learn to use your mind correctly.” And that was healing them, that was helping them. The difficulty with human beings is that it’s very difficult to bring people to a place of urgency, because we’ve always been the way we are. People seeking to understand themselves deeply, past a psychological nature. They have a deeper level, usually a spiritual nature, is pushing them to go deeper. It’s not by themselves. And this urgency is what’s important because as a human being, we are all in a chronic illness. We are in forgetfulness of our nature; we are in these continuous habits which are very self-destructive and violent to ourselves. We are in the chronic diseases of beating up ourselves mentally, criticizing ourselves, disappearing ourselves, not willing to make impact to be visible. It’s chronic disease.Chronic disease is very difficult to work with because when you are in any chronic disease, there’s no urgency, it’s the way it is. You’re co-habitating. So once you move into consciousness and you start to rearrange yourself within yourself, there has to be continuing urgency. That’s the importance of the groups meeting and the daily meditation and introspection. People being very honest with themselves. You see the doctors, medical doctors, they can respond very well to acute illness, there’s a big urgency, I got three months to get you well or you’re gone. Chronic illness, they just keep giving the same old medicine. The people go from doctor to doctor looking for more medicine, different medicine, and the illness doesn’t go. And the issue is they have been co-habitating with the illness, it has become part of their identity. They cannot even have an image of separating from it. But they want to. They have the movement of going to doctors, but the inner movement of separating from an image, the sense of urgency is not there. So I say that chronic—for instance, a chronic medicine, chronic illness has two lovers - doctors and medicines.And it’s the same with the human being. Before chronic illness we’ll go to psychologists – which are very good, they help us tremendously – but we keep going from person to person from teacher to teacher looking for something, but until we start to make our own internal practice nothing is going to happen. I notice that many people have permission to go to trainings. They have permission to go to different meditations or meetings. But they don’t have permission to experiment on themselves to see what is possible. But they have the movement going – they get to the door, but they haven’t opened it. And when they will – it’s at their own rhythm. But the deeper urgency opens they’re going to open that door and go soon.

Simon: You mentioned allowance on the part of the healer just now. How do you know that you are allowed to change someone’s fate?

Ron: Well you’re not—the healer is not changing fate. The healer is part of the doorway of destiny. Someone comes to you. There’s a thousand, a hundred thousand healers to go to. They show up at your door. So some intelligence is bringing them to your door. So already there’s alignment with Spirit that you have permission to do anything possible. In those minutes together you have permission to do what’s possible. Now often the healing is going to go through. Often it’s going to be- a part of it will go through, a lot will be sent back. Because you don’t have permission to change the deeper movement of their spiritual nature, the deeper spirit-soul level. You don’t have permission. For example, you’re going to meet people with serious illness. With cancer. And they’re smiling. “I have cancer” – the biggest smile in the world. They don’t know they’re smiling – and they want a healing. Well at that point, you cannot give a healing. You can give the healing. As a healer I will give the healing. I will give the healing a hundred times. But my job is to move them out of that subconscious smile. Because that means: I’m looking at Death through their eyes. Death is looking back at me. They’re smiling at me about having cancer, which means they’re smiling at the consequences of the illness, which is death. So I see it as Death looking back at me. So I do my best to get them out of it. I can get about 40% of them out of that. The other ones have already agreed to the outcome. And that’s a deeper movement of their spirit-soul. It’s their time. So the healer is working with them until the very end. I’ll be sitting when they cross over. But I’m also going to be working with them to that moment to see what is possible for regenerating the field and bringing them here. Because you know, until the end, you keep going. You understand?

Hofan: Yeah, that’s another thing I really learnt from your workshop. Really, what is the big picture? And sometimes, it really is time. Like the tree. We were talking about the tree.

Ron: I had a woman come in to me in Milan. I told this story, actually. She came into the group – there was about sixty people ther. And she sat down. And she said, "I have lipoma, I’ve-“ She had lymphatic cancer. And she had it for seven years and it was no responding to any treatment. And she was smiling like a child looking at the candy in the store, you see. And I said, “We can’t help you because you are smiling.” And her husband had driven her from Reggio Emilia two hours to Milan, he wasn’t very happy with me. And I had sixty people in the room who looked—they weren’t very happy with me. “Ron’s not helping this woman.”And when you’re smiling, you have no idea that you’re smiling. So I’m sitting here looking at Death look at me through her eyes. And then suddenly, twenty minutes into this she stopped smiling. She actually stopped smiling. It was extraordinary. So I said, “You stopped smiling. Now the healing will go through you. But I can’t work with you right now because these sixty people are angry with me. They don’t believe that I am helping you.” I said, “How many of you are angry?” Sixty people raised their hands. Because they were looking at the superficial movement, “We’re just going to do this healing for this person.” Her husband- I said, “You’re welcome to come back.” The next day was Sunday, she came back. She had a ten minute healing. Wednesday, she went for her scan. Her three month scan. There was nothing to be found. They did another scan into the lungs, nothing to be found. That was nine years ago. Then she started coming and doing training, she’s a healer now. But every few months I get the reports. She’s still doing her scans. I get the reports. Everything is negative. If I had given her the healing that day it would have been like water off a duck’s back. It would not have gone into her system. And the work, the people who really want to do it, they’re going to be scared, they’re going to be afraid of dying, they’re going to be angry – you know, there’s that anger state. But if you give them the work to do they’re going to do it.

So I had a woman who came in. She had 40 tumours. And this was 14 years ago in Montreal. She was a healer, she’d worked with me. And I sent her down to New York to get a protocol for a therapy; and then I was in Europe, I flew with her to Montreal to see the oncologist. And the oncologist, sat there, one meter from her and was actually yelling at her, “You’ve come too late for me to help you!” Like this, twice! And I’m sitting there, like, the woman, she was already gone. When he finished with that she was in a hole in the ground. I said to him, “She’s right here. Do you have to yell at her?” He said, “Who are you? Are you family?” “No, I’m a friend.” “Then get out of here!” Kicked me out of there. And then the next person at the door had ovarian cancer before, whom I worked with. She was going after. “What are you doing here?”Anyway, so what was funny was- there’s a work of self-healing [that I teach], it’s three hours a day. When I’m working with people, all medicine is good. All medicine is coming from the same source, whether it’s East or West, North or South. Including all the new technologies. It all has its place to serve humanity.A hospital is not there to guarantee your life. A hospital is – if you look at the force field of a hospital, or the intelligence of a hospital. Everyone in the hospital is kneeling before you. The hospital is kneeling to you when you walk in the door. It says, “We are here to serve you. We will do the best we can for you. We will do our best- we cannot guarantee the outcome, but we are here to serve you.” And that’s what people don’t understand – and they think they are going to go into the hospital and they will be saved. That’s between them and the Source. Their Source and culture. In different traditions it has different names. So this woman, it took me three or four days to pull her out of the hole that the doctor stuck her in. He told her daughter, “Your mother has two months to live.” The daughter passed out, unconscious on the floor. He said to her, “I’m going to give you two chemos, maybe three so you have time to get your papers in order before you die.”I give people – it’s a three hour meditation for self-healing in the morning. It’s not mindfulness. It’s actually a meditation to help regenerate the system. So she started doing this. She didn’t do three hours a day she did five hours a day. And that started in the end of October. In December- there had been 22 tumours in the lungs. In December the 22 tumours were gone. Now the source of this apparent cancer was in the uterus. Now the doctors said, “Obviously there were not 22 tumours in your lungs. It must have been a virus, because it could not just have disappeared like that.”That same weekend I was in Marilyn, I got a call from another woman who I had healed from breast cancer, but she’d gone to a doc because she was having trouble breathing. And they found 22 tumours in her lungs. So she called me—he’d sent her to a hospice, immediately, to die. So she calls me, very panicked, I went down to see her, to work with her. And did two days of work, left. She went back to the doctor on Monday and insisted on another scan. There was nothing in her lungs. So he said, “Obviously it was a virus, those were not tumours. The same one that the other guy said.Anyway, this woman is working five hours, you see. When you are going through serious illness, it’s not life as before. In most of the big cities, you’ll see these cancer clubs. Everyone is cheering them on like they’re some sort of football players. Or it’s a basketball team. “We’re going to do it, we’re going to get through it! We’re going to be heroes!” Now most of these people, they’re not here any more. Because they did not reorganize themselves to heal. What does that mean? It means that your life is based on the energy that you have and the energy you can gather, and the consciousness within compassion for yourself to regenerate with the creative Source. And then not throw it out of the door. You have to keep it. So you don’t go to work eight to ten to twelve hours being the hero. I had in New York, guys running the Wall Street firms. People running the biggest research firms in America for bio-research. Billion dollar firms. “I don’t have time to do this. I don’t have time.” So whenever I come into town they come running, but they don’t have time to spend five minutes with themselves because they’re too important. Well they’re not here anymore. They’re no here. They didn’t have to disappear themselves, but I have to respect all movements. You have to respect all movements.

So, when you’re doing healing work for yourself, you’re reorganizing your life to heal. Which means that work time goes down to maybe four hours max. Everyone else is doing the errands and cleaning the house, and doing everything you normally do because you need to maintain and grow deeply the field of life within you to support you going through this process of healing. And she did this. And by the way, I call it, that morning meditation, lying in bed for three hours. I call it ‘going to the office.’ You see, that’s going to the office. That’s the work you do, everything else is secondary. She was doing five hours of going to the office, you see. When they finally went to take out the uterus and the ovaries, they found out in the pathology lab, there was no trace in any tissue, they kept doing slicing, slicing, slicing – there was no trace. There was no scar tissue, there was no trace in the uterus that there had been any cancer present at all. Yeah. The doctor closed his office for one full day, didn’t talk to me about it. He called her and said, “In forty years, I have never seen anything like this.” He marked her as dead. He told her that she was dead, you understand? It turned out that two years later that he told her, “I didn’t close my office for one day, I closed it for two days.” And he went off to India to do volunteer work after that. Yeah. He checks on her every year even though he retired now. But- he wanted to send her all over Canada as his poster child. I said, “They’re going to eat you up and spit you out. You stay home, you regenerate, and you become healthy and maintain healthy.” That’s like, thirteen or fourteen years ago. She’s fine. So, I can tell you probably a hundred stories like this. But the deal is, it’s the urgency. Whether it’s our own selves, or our personal development. Our own selves with our chronic illnesses or our own selves with acute illness. And using the attitude to put everything together to correctly, to support yourself. And then supporting everyone around you.So in the case of cancer, you gather the energy, you start to feel stronger… what do most people do? They run out and go shopping. They run out and have coffee and tea with their friends. And they’re exhausted after two days, back to ground zero. You can’t do that. You have to hold the energy.The second thing is, if you’re getting chemo and you’re getting radiation; the three hour work that they’re given, it regenerates the etheric field so that there is no damage. When you have radiation and/or chemo, it’s lowering, traumatizing the system, one; but it’s also lowering the frequency and contracting the field. So it’s making much difficulty on the cellular level to recover. And the person is ageing rapidly from it because of the damage. In this work, in chemo or instance, you could actually burn the chemo out of the body. You don’t actually want to burn the chemo. The chemo is medicine, and to the body you say, “Look, this is not coming to traumatize or poison us. This is coming to heal us. We’re going to work with it.” So you’re working it deep into the cells, you can do that consciously. And then you regenerate out the traumatic part. You regenerate the cellular level. And the same with the radiation work. It’s the same.

So the people who actually so the work they come out – I’m not exaggerating – ten years younger. So it’s very unusual to see. Very unusual. Very beautiful. “Oh I can’t do three hours a day.” Yeah, but you can watch ten hours of TV a day. So it’s getting the willpower. The willpower will come with the urgency. But then you have to push yourself every day to be urgent. You need people along the way to help you do that. But whether it’s serious illness or our self looking for a spiritual understanding of our nature, it’s the same urgency there.

Simon: It’s the urgency. Well Ron, thanks for coming here to enlighten us all along. We’ll wait until our coming episode to hear more from you. Thanks for the time being.

Ron: Thank you.

Hofan: Thank you Ron.


Part 2 of the interview, where Ron shares some tools for healers in creating boundaries, and comments on the current state of the world, can be found here

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