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Interview with Ron Young (part 2)


This is part 2 of a transcript of an interview with Ron Young from 《綠色心靈力量》- EP159. You can read about Part 1 here. In this episode, Ron shares some tools for healers in creating boundaries, and comments on the current state of the world.

Source: Sourcewadio 《綠色心靈力量》- Episode 159

Aired : 18 June, 2018

Hosted by: Dr. Simon Chau, with Hofan Chau

Guest: Ron Young

i. Introduction to Ron Young (Cantonese)::

ii. Ron Young's advice for healers (English):

iii. Ron Young discusses the state of the world (English):

Sharing between Simon and Hofan (Cantonese) :


Hofan: Hello everyone, so we’re back with Simon, with Ron Young, and with myself, Hofan. So we’re very very lucky here to have Ron here today; and we wanted to ask you some questions about healing, particularly any advice you have for people wanting to be healers.

Ron: My general- People wanting to be healers normally have extraordinary hearts and compassion and they’re compelled to serve people. Now that can be in many different forms. It can be a policeman, it can be a designer for a home, it can be a teacher, a psychologist, literally every human being in every realm, people sitting in offices or businesses on computers, they’re doing healing work all day. So the big deal for the healer is to make boundaries. Because healers naturally do not have a boundary. They are eager to assist everyone – they’re the ones people go to when they have a problem and need someone to talk to. And when I work with a group, I’ll ask, “How many of you are the people that people come to talk to.” And there are all different working situations, different titles, but they have the same common theme which is their heart. So when you go normally without training, someone comes to you, your emotional body – sometimes called the psychical body – overlaps their emotional body. And you going to feel how they feel. So the person, say I come to you, you’re going to feel how I feel, and what’s going to happen – you’re going to feel my situation, but automatically your system is going to make my story your story. And so you understand me very well, that’s how you think. But the thing is, you’re seeing me from your eyes, with the feeling I have inside me. That’s called empathy. But with empathy, what happens is that you’re not seeing me, you’re seeing yourself with the feeling of me.And it also means that if you do that often with people, many people, especially those in serious situations, are going to end up taking the high frequency elements out of your etheric field, your energy field; and you’re going to end up absorbing their low frequency elements. With time, you’re going to have an overlap with the psyche, psychologically in the psyche. Besides having your etheric field diminishing, you will start to develop imprints in your psyche and habits and thoughts that aren’t yours that come from these clients that you have.So the first things that is important is boundary. For boundary, I use three things. One of the great masters I worked with, Bert Hellinger – anyone can do this, but you need to do it mentally in your mind all day long, and you do it especially when they are coming to speak with you or complain to you or call you on the phone. So the first phrase is: “I am here, you are there.” You say that phrase, and you feel it. And you will feel that there is actually a boundary coming into your field. Now for a healer, that’s not a natural feeling.

Simon: I am here, you are there.

Ron: Yeah. Now say it. Look at me and say it.

Simon: I am here, you are there.

Ron: Yeah, and you can feel it come in. So now you’re seeing me. But before we were part of each other... so the healer has a problem. The second one is: “That’s your story, it’s not my story.”

Simon: That’s your story, it’s not my story.

Ron: Yes, because immediately the healer makes everyone’s story their story. It’s not even- they don’t even know they’re doing it. So when you can make the boundary—do it mentally, don’t do it as you are talking to them. And the last one is – there’s actually three more – but the next one is: From making the boundary I can see you. That means I can see you within yourself, within your nature. Not from what I would do, not from experiencing myself through you, but seeing what’s correct for yourself and your movement. And I can go from a deeper level inside of what the issue is, the form of the issue, your theme is. I will not allow you to hypnotise me, I’m going to go deep into the system. Because obviously your system is not working. Or else you would have the- you come in with all the problems, with all the answers but nothing’s changed. So I can go in then with Spirit and do the work of reorganising the field. Now reorganizing the field is permitted as far as this client’s intelligence will allow it to be done. Normally that client’s intelligence is bringing them to the healer. So you have these few minutes to do a lot of work, you see. So now the second thing is, when you are seeing the human being, there is another Bert Hellinger line – it’s important to, you have the boundaries now, you’re seeing them. Bert Hellinger was working as a priest in South Africa for twenty years, spoke perfect Afrikaans. And when you say hello [in South Africa], hello is translated, the actual saying of “hello” in the morning is: “I see you.” The response isn’t, “Hi, how are you doing?” The response is, “I am here.”

Hofan: Such a great expression.

Ron: Very powerful, you see. “I am here.” Human beings, most of them in the world, they are trained to be invisible. They train to disappear themselves when things are not comfortable. And they train to make sure that no one actually sees them, really, there’s all kinds of camouflage besides disappearing and being invisible. And here you are: “I see you.” And when you see that person, when you make that boundary and see them, their spirit’s arriving. “I am here.” The deeper levels open. “I am here.” You see, they’re being recognized. The next thing is understanding that you’re not God. You’re not the savior. And the healer is going to do that… the healers, when they start out, “I am going to save everybody.” You’re going to do what’s possible as the instrument and what’s possible in service of the Source and tradition and your compassion and your heart and your creative mind and for giving service to that person. But you are not God. So what happens with the healer is that the healer is compelled to do everything to make it better and make it better and make it better and to make it better, you understand?Once you have the boundaries in, you’re compelled to see them. You’re compelled to do everything possible, even a hundred times. But you’re recognizing the authority and where it comes from; and you’re giving that recognition and respect to them through the Source. And that allows them to take their journey correctly, including painful experiences when necessary so they can learn and grow. Most healers when you take all the pain away, then you weaken the person. So it’s very difficult. So the last phrase talking about that from Bert Hellinger is, “When I cannot affect change, I withdraw. And I place my attention and my energy where I can affect change.” Now there is no healer in the world that knows that phrase, because they’re never going to withdraw. They’re going to keep going and going and going until the person gets better. When I was young, my teacher, my root teacher Hilda Charlton, she had two- she became the guardian of two young girls when she was in her early seventies. Legal guardian. And I was around, I did my best to help when I heard or whatever, and one day she took me aside. She said, “Kid! You’re doing too much. You’re weakening, kid. You have to know when it’s kind to be cruel and when it’s cruel to be kind. Because if you take away too much of the life experience they can never grow strong. You have to understand that for everyone you work with, kid.” So these are important things. Take some time. But if you practice that, if you practice “I am here and you are there” and “That’s your story—” mentally, walking down the street, you get the boundary. And the big thing about having boundary is that you can hold and stabilize your field. Because what most healers do is that they pour their field out all day long, they get home at night, they’re just little cranky people, they’re zombie out, they’re staring at the wall at their TV, they have no energy. They go to bed, they look up and count the cracks in their ceiling. You don’t have to live that way. You don’t become a victim to your service. You are renewed in your service. That’s different. You are regenerated in your service. It’s different.

Hofan: Yeah, just now when you said that phrase, I could really feel a) the boundary but b) you felt so much more present to me.

Simon: Mmm.

Ron: Beautiful.

Hofan: Such a pleasure to have you here, Ron.

Ron: Why thank you.

Simon: Well, great. What I heard in the last ten minutes will be food for thought for me for another two years I think.

Hofan: Really? You can use it all day long!

Ron: Yeah, you can use it all day long. And what it gives you, is it gives you the opportunity to… The healer is born with this, compelled to love, you see. But over time, and with most people, love becomes an obligation and a duty. Because “I have to do this and I have to do this.” So even when the heart is empty, they’re loving but it’s empty, it’s not love. It’s a movement with the emptiness because they’ve been burnt out. When you have the field in order you don’t get burnt out because you’re regenerating the field. It’s different.

Simon: I’m most grateful about you reminding me about the urgency. This is something new to me.

Ron: Yeah, the urgency. Without that, nothing.

Simon: And on the part of the client and on the part of the giver.

Hofan: Yeah, on our practice too.

Ron: That means every day without fail. So I told this story – my first teacher was a painter. A well known artist who left—he was very successful- but he left because he found all the painters, they weren’t artists, they were painters. Because they would find their success with the population and they would do the same thing a thousand times and make a lot of money instead of developing their language. They would just stay in their own cubby-hole. So he left and became a recluse. And I grew up in the area- the country in which he was living.One summer, I sat with him every day for—probably two to four hours each day. And then I went back to university. And then I left university. And he was not teaching. He’d stopped teaching for six years. So in the next spring I called up to see how he was, and his wife answered and said, “Well Nicholas has started teaching again. Maybe you want to come. It’s been six years, he hasn’t taught anybody.”So he was like all my other teachers, you see. You never saw his work, his work was in the closet. He didn’t want you to be like him. He developed you into yourself. But the first time I got there, I’m going to see my friend Nicholas. No, it wasn’t my friend Nicholas, it was my teacher Nicholas. And he said, “This is the first lesson. Every day, you work. It doesn’t matter how you feel. It doesn’t matter if you’re depressed, if you are in love, if you are joyful, you’re crying—every day you work. You have to master your medium. Every day you work. And every day is a chain, another link in a chain. It’s continuity, and movement of consciousness.

Simon: What work?

Ron: Of developing. And the language, the language. Which is also what spiritual work is. He said, it doesn’t matter if you work eight or ten hours, because you can’t always work eight to ten hours or two hours. But ten, fifteen, twenty minutes each day. That way, the consciousness keeps moving up. Otherwise you leave for three weeks, you come back… you’re right back where you started. Every day, you do your work. Every day, you discipline yourself. You are required to master your medium. And that way, when you go over the emotion and you start to stabilize yourself, when the inspiration comes you can place it down with your mastery upon the canvas. And when the inspiration is gone, you finish with your mastery and with your discipline what it brought you. I got to my- that was the yogic sutras, you understand? Patanjali. I got to my teachers, that’s all they ever did in their life, their daily work. Every day you maintain. There’s no time off. You had plateaus but instead of meditating for some hours a day you may read a spiritual book for some hours a day. You may go to the movies if necessary. But every day you’re working and internally you’re continuing consciousness. Internally you’re holding the field. That’s the work.

[part iii]

Simon: Ron, if I may, I would like to take you to another dimension. You’ve been travelling around the world, you are so sensitive in the spiritual sense. How do you see humanity as a whole these days? Are we getting worse every day, or are things improving all the time? Because we are getting two polarized messages.It so happens that today, June 5, is World Environment Day. In ecological terms, we are doomed. People say that the Earth can’t bear us any longer, and we don’t have decades more to survive here. We have to be removed as a species from this planet for the benefit of the other creatures. There’s a doomsday mentality all along.And then on the other hand, we are told that starting from maybe ten years ago this is the new golden age, and that there is a spiritual revival in every corner of the world. And more and more of us are joining this march in spirituality and what-not. How do you feel about this?

Ron: Well, first of all I’m not a prophet. So I can tell you my feelings. The first is that, back in the ‘70s I was trained by Hilda about all this. She was very much aware of these deeper movements. And the big deal is to affect the attitude and the process of thoughts in human beings. That’s the big deal. How do we think? In what way do we embrace humanity and each other? How do we open to this movement of the unknown compassion and bring it to Earth?The spiritual people have a way of separating themselves. You know, they make little communities. They’ll go off and sit in monasteries and caves. Which are very important, very important, it’s holding a very big frequency. But it’s the average person, the ones who have families, the ones who go to work and ones who pay taxes, they’re the ones that suffer the most. They’re the ones that have the most pain. And they’re growing their families, and they’re the ones that know the most love. Because they have to sacrifice, you see, to bring the family and the children into the world and go forward. So in my work, I was trained in a deep yogic tradition; and Hilda expected me to do the work in the same way. But I went into the world and worked with these people who are in the world. Extraordinary people. They did extraordinary things. They took all this work and they did it in five seconds, so to speak. Because they had the power of manifesting their life in the world with success.So as that goes through the world, you’re having an opening, it’s opening of consciousness. We don’t yet know how it’s manifesting. We still have politics; politics are based on power. There’s some compassion and service. But often depending on the structure, there’s a lot of the old boys, you know, smoking cigars in the backroom so you have no idea what’s going on. That’s very dangerous. It’s very dangerous because there’s no sense of the value of a human life or the respect of other cultures. So people who are different than you. There’s, now especially, a polarization in this world of ‘the other’. You see it in America, you see it in Europe and Asia, everywhere now. ‘The other’ is being expelled, excluded. Once you have exclusion of this level – we’re talking millions of people, just the migration in Europe. Or the migration from South America to America, you’re creating very strong factions within those structures which will ultimately go against each other. So within that structure, there’s still opening of consciousness. But it has to be big time opening where you are working to hold it. You see, what you call the New Agers, the Golden Agers, they’re like part-timers. They’re part-timers. “Oh, I just had a twenty minute meditation. Ah, it was fantastic !” And then three hours later they’re screaming at someone in the subway, or they’re at work getting angry on the telephone with somebody, all their compassion and patience is gone. Part-timers.No, full-time maintenance means that you’re holding that field. You’re observing. You’re holding that field with compassion. You’re embracing. You’re not pushing anything away from you. You’re taking everything life gives you. That gives different outcome. But there are guys who work in the negative polarity. Negative polarity, you know, the dark side. They don’t work part-time. They work full time! They work full time. And I was trained to break that stuff up for years. And I was trained- I had no belief, I had to learn everything through experience. I don’t believe in anything. So the teacher says something—I don’t believe in it. I have to find out. That’s how I teach… you gotta find out. But, you know, I’ve seen it. They’re working full time. The New Agers are watching TV, they’re pushing a little control, you know, the button, remotes. Enjoying life. I had a dream – I don’t know if I should share this dream- I had a dream many many years ago, we were at a.. it’s a true story. In Quebec, if you go in the winter, there’s two or three meters of snow up in the road. Well I’m six feet tall, and the snow is piled up another two feet above my head on the side of the road from the plough. And in that winter, you always have to plug your engine at night-time because the oil freezes. So we get to this new yoga place, it’s supposed to be great. We walk in, and it’s all full of mold. Full of mold. And the food was terrible, it’s cold and we go to bed and my bed is like a hammock. So it’s like, “What am I doing here?”And I end up in the place in Switzerland, a beautiful modern villa, all glass. There’s a jazz band, everyone in black tie. I’m walking around in blue jeans and a nice shirt. And I walk into this one room, it’s about forty feet long, about twenty feet wide. And around this edge there’s this countertop around the edge that wraps around it. With all the modern, what do you call.. design, industrial design. All the modern archetypes of everything that we use for our convenience. Beautiful! Like the perfect, idealized telephone. The perfect controller. All the appliances for the kitchen, everything for the house. Beautiful. You know, beautiful black and white. I like design. It was fantastic. Wow! Beautiful.And I come around the right, the far angle, and I turn back towards where I came from, I see a Boyer chaise-lounge in chrome and leather. This beautiful man was lying there in black [Thor?] with his arms crossed, just looking at me. And he has the greatest power pouring out of him. He was just sitting-- just pouring out, pouring out… And he says to me -- we’re talking mind to mind -- "People have it all wrong. I don't have to do anything. I just make them comfortable. When I make them comfortable, they can’t put their heart and their mind together. They’re too lazy! They can’t even sit up straight for ten minutes, they’re comfortable. That’s all I have to do… I don’t have to do anything else..."I said to him, “You're a great teacher. You are a great master. But you’re not my master, you’re Satan.” And I thanked him for the teaching and I left. So again, that urgency we talked about. Get that, and get the world power and get yourself going. And then the world will take care of itself because you’re taking care of yourself. And the rest is secondary. Most people are so worried about the world, they have done nothing for themselves. When it's time for us to leave this world-- we all have our moment. We have our moment to leave. So we have to know where we are going; we have to know what this universe is about when we go so we are not strangers to it. You understand? That’s the part you do now. And that changes the world. Because you're bringing your heaven to the earth, you're bringing your destiny to the earth, you’re manifesting everything you were born to do. And that’s what changes the world. Watching TV, getting involved and scaring everyone else doesn’t change anything. It just weakens you, weakens you, you get more and more comfortable.

Simon: Hofan, time to thank Ron-

Hofan: Yeah, thank you so much…

Simon: Well, it was our privilege…

Ron: It was my privilege and honour to be here.

Hofan: Thank you so much.

Ron: You’re welcome.

Simon: Come again, as often as you can.

Ron: Thank you.

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