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Podcast : Climbing the Philosopher's Stone


Received a phone call out of the blue from a "Richard Wickes." Apparently he was looking for someone to interview for his podcast and Wah Shan had given him my number. "I subbed for your class in the Mindfulness expo in January when you were stuck in Chiang Mai !" I told him. "Really? What did you teach ?" "Er.. tai chi ?"

Haha ! So obviously we had a lot to talk about. Richard wanted an inspiring story, preferably a life-changing one that could inspire young people on their spiritual search. Previous guests had included former psychic spies in the US military and football coaches turned energy workers. Did I have a story ?

I told him: I don't think my awakening was that dramatic... there was no car accident that lead me to change careers per se. But it was fun to chat, and it also made me realise that although I tell stories about my life all the time in our weekly meditations, it's really been a while since I talked about my spiritual experiences in English. Furthermore, I've been in the trenches so much, it was kind of refreshing to step back and look at the narrative arc of my life..

So in this podcast, I go way back to talk about my first really strong encounter with Spirit per se, when I was eighteen in my Gap Year in the village in mainland China. I then talk about how Heart Imagery came into my life, and then my experience in Peru with plant medicine...


Podcast : Episode 18 - Hofan Chau - Climbing the Philosopher's Stone Hofan is herself a kind of philosophers stone who shares the benefit of her experiences is expressive art, movement and moments of profound insight with people. She lives in the heart of the Dragon and amazingly a few hundred metres from my home in Hong Kong, although it seems I had to leave Hong Kong to meet her. She shares so much with me and I was moved by talking to her.

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