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Podcast: Hofan Chau on Theatre, Meditation & The Unexpected Gifts Of Saying No


I had the privilege of being invited by Raquel on her podcast. Here is her original page and here are the program notes:


In today’s episode I’m talking to Hofan Chau, the Artistic Director of Burnt Mango Dance Theatre and a teacher of Heart Imagery, a beautiful meditation method. Hofan is particularly fascinated by the spiritual dimension of imagery in the form of Heart Imagery meditation, and its ability to access different dimensions of consciousness and allow healing and alignment to unfold.

We talk about the relationship between acting and meditation and how finding a place inside ourselves where we feel secure and connected allows us to be more open to the world around us and, in consequence, exponentially more creative. Hofan performed globally and locally for over a decade, after taking the courage to change her career dramatically - which brought her some beautiful and unexpected gifts.

These days Hofan mainly focuses on her work as a teacher-practitioner in Heart Imagery, tai chi and reiki and you can check her work in the links section.

“Having a sense of security inside ourselves allows us to be more open to the outside world and in consequence, much more creative.” - Hofan Chau

We’re talking about…

  • Having the courage to say no and how that opens up space for great opportunities.

  • How to overcome theatre career challenges.

  • The connections between acting and heart-centred meditation.

  • How cultivating a meditation technique can be highly nurturing to practise as a creator.

  • How you can easily practise Heart- Imagery meditation right now.

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