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Podcast: Action In Stillness, Stillness in Action with Hofan Chau

BUILDING A HEALING WORLD THROUGH ONENESS INTERVIEW SERIES - Episode #4: Action In Stillness, Stillness in Action - Hofan Chau | Heart Imagery, Reiki & Tai Chi Teacher

We talk about:

  • Flowing with polarities and contradictions at a personal, interpersonal and social level.

  • How this is manifested into form in a combat under a tai chi practice

  • Action / inaction when confronted with overwhelming social forces

  • Living in a time of awakening and the choices in front of us

After a decade on stage as an actor, director & dancer, Hofan now connects the inner and outer worlds teaching tai chi, hands-on-healing and Heart Imagery meditation. As a the first generation of Heart Imagery teachers in Hong Kong, Hofan help establish the the local chapter of The School of the Heart. She also serves the community center of Club O (Green Living Education Foundation) by organising a variety of healing & wellness programs with a special focus to support the carers and healers of the community.

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